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Tips For Kitchen Renovations

Top Tips for Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where family members prepare daily meals and bake cookies during the holidays, and work on projects and homework.

While entertaining, we are drawn here to eat, drink, converse and socialize with friends. So when it comes to remodeling your kitchen, it’s a good idea to nail down your top priorities.

Are you planning for a new kitchen? Here are Top Tips For Kitchen Renovations and transformation, including kitchen cabinets, double sink, and kitchen islands.

The heart of the home deserves articulate planning

A recent study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders reveals what kitchen trends are among the most wanted this year. The survey asked first-time buyers and existing homeowners to rank several kitchen features based on how essential they are to making a home-purchasing decision.

More than half of homebuyers ranked a walk-in pantry as the top desirable feature in the kitchen. The second most wanted feature was a double sink, a tablespace for eating, a central island, and a granite/natural stone countertop.

Importance of Kitchen Storage Space

Homebuyers put walk-in pantries at the top of their wish list for kitchens. The ideal walk-in pantry is located within the kitchen’s workspace zone, where food will be prepared. However, it’s a good idea to keep it on the outer edge of the kitchen to avoid having people cross the busy work area.

Today, the walk-in pantry is creatively designed to store food and accommodate pots and pans, bulky cooking appliances, cookbooks, and more. Shelves are strategically placed for easy access for the average person, and wheelchair access is also an important consideration.➝ An unobstructed walkway space of a minimum of 36” allows comfortable access for a single person.

We depend on our kitchen cabinets to provide plenty of short and long-term storage. Cabinets should be placed strategically to accommodate your working and cleaning routine. Many convenient features include:

  • Pull out cabinet shelves.
  • A trash bin hideaway.
  • Vertical dividers.
  • Spice pullout with tiered shelves.
  • A lazy Susan corner unit.

Ask your remodeler to help you determine what works best for your kitchen style and layout.

Double Sink in Kitchen

A double sink is another popular item on the wish list among homeowners ready to remodel. The versatility of a double sink allows for practical multitasking, such as having a smaller sink on one side for garbage disposal and a larger one on the other for washing, which can also save you countertop space.

The Benefits of Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island ranks third on the NAHB’s most wanted list from homeowners for kitchen features. People love the extra counter space, storage, and seating they provide. Determining the style and shape depends largely on how you intend to use it.

The type of kitchen island best suited for your layout depends a lot on your space. An “island” stands alone, is not connected to a wall or counter, and is a good choice if you have a larger area to work with. It allows you to utilize all four sides of the island and easily includes a sink if needed. The more popular shaped islands include the L-Shaped, the U-Shaped, the Galley, and the Circular.

When space is limited, a “peninsula” style island is an option that works quite well. This format juts out from an existing wall or counter and can have seating on one end and preparation space. Both styles can offer eating bars and provide a nice dividing line from the kitchen to the next room without the intrusion of a wall.

According to Kevin Vick, owner of Vick Construction & Remodeling, peninsulas and eating posts are still all the rage. “Our clients, like the rest of society, are very busy and want to spend time with family and friends as often as they can. These features allow cooking and dining time to be spent more intimately.”

Keep it Bright, Natural & Automated

More than a third of homebuyers preferred a white kitchen cabinet color followed closely by medium and dark brown. Unlike kitchen cabinets, homebuyers have a strong preference for color and type of appliance. Two-thirds of buyers say stainless steel is their preferred color.

Homebuyers were also decisive when it came to kitchen countertop material. A majority say granite or other natural stone is their favorite. Homeowners are sticking to white cabinets, light-colored walls, and more lights. Sherry Pruitt, the owner of Who did It Designs, said clients want light and an open space with a lot of flow.

“Adding lights is another popular and money-saving change,” she said. “People realize they have many options, including LEDs, which add warmth and brightness.”

Homeowners enjoy the perks of the latest technology and are equipping their newly remodeled kitchens with intelligent appliances. Technology has made it possible to remotely connect to our espresso machines, refrigerators, ovens, security monitors, etc.

The Kitchen Layout

According to ScienceDirect, Kitchen layouts and consumers article, “The layout will make the difference in how efficiently you use the kitchen. A functional kitchen will do cooking and entertaining more enjoyable, while a poor layout may result in retracing your steps and adding time to your tasks.”