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Smart Tips for Bathroom Renovations - Boardwalk Remodeling

Smart Tips for Bathroom Renovations

Today’s bathrooms are a haven for relaxation and harmony. If you have thought about remodeling your bathroom, now may be a perfect time. Right now, there are many new products to love, such as sleek, freestanding tubs and handsome shower and vanity plumbing fixtures.

There’s an endless selection of marble and stone products for floors, countertops, and decorative tiles in new exciting textures, patterns, and colors for showers, backsplashes, and accent walls.

Additionally, there are styles, elements, and ideas you may want to ponder first and incorporate into your new remodel. Whe­ther you prefer spa-inspired, elegant, contemporary, universal aging-in-place, or any style in between, it’s smart to have a clear picture of your vision before you begin.

A Tranquil Space Where You Can Unwind and Rejuvenate

A recent study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders reveals what bath features are among the most wanted this year. The survey asked existing homeowners to rank several bath features based on how essential they are to make a home-purchasing decision.

The study revealed that a linen closet in the master bath ranked number one, followed by a shower stall and bathtub. Other top preferences include a double vanity and a private toilet compartment in the master bath.

The Bathroom Linen Closet

Ranking first on the most wanted list is the linen closet. This can be a traditional enclosed closet with shelves or recessed built-in shelves. The idea is to have adequate space to store bath towels, soap, and other bath products.

Shelves can be conveniently located on the wall directly behind the bathtub faucet, while others work well next to the vanity or shower. Ideally, shelves should be 18-24″ to hold folded towels and a basket or container for other miscellaneous items.

Showers and Bathtubs

The shower stall ranks number two on the must-have list for bathrooms. Home­owners prefer their showers be constructed from natural stone and marble. A popular design trend is to create an accent statement wall with alluring, colorful tiles in eye-catching shapes, designs, and textures.

There are many interesting remodeling trends for showers, says John Gillette, GMB, CAPS, owner of Craftsmanship by John. “Popular shower features include open showers with no doors, double showers with dual showerheads, unique shower floors with linear shower drains, and a freestanding tub if space allows. Tech­nology innovations include audio touch controls, water temperature presets, and steam showers all controlled by wi-fi.”

Both framed and frameless shower doors have many style options for the shower door. Both are made of tempered glass and may be treated for easy cleaning. Framed doors are made thinner because a metal frame supports them. Frameless doors are thicker and are more expensive because frames do not keep them. Your remodeler can help you choose the best option that fits your space and budget.

When remodeling the shower for physical disabilities, a curbless, frameless, or semi-frameless shower enclosure with safety features should be considered for easy, independent access. According to Stacy Argo, with A-Plus Glass Services, “a curbless shower adheres to universal design principles which allow for accessibility, to the greatest extent possible, by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability.”

For the romanticist, the freestanding tub takes center stage in the bathroom. They offer many design options and flexibility of placement. Installation is easier and can➝ be less expensive. On the other hand, many homeowners prefer the built-in tub’s design options and surface storage. They are also chosen when space is limited or utilize an odd space or corner.

According to Larry Abbott, CAPS, GCR, RCS, president of Abbott Con­tracting, people are replacing their Jacuzzis and spa-type tubs with simple stand-alone tubs or soaker tubs that are big, deep, and have state-of-art water circulation. He explained that some people choose to remove their tubs and use the space for large, luxurious showers with room for two people with multiple showerheads and benches.

Vanities and Cabinets

Homeowners want double vanities in their master bathroom. Cabinets are popular in various shades of grey and white. Various shades of wood compliments whites and greys, and other colors. Wood also pairs nicely with almost any trend, including contemporary, traditional and industrial. Marble countertops seem to be still preferred and add an earthy, natural feel.

Floating vanities offer an airy, modern, and mystic look in the powder room. Vessel sinks, made of stone, glass, and other materials, come in unique shapes and designs and create a striking, artful focal point.

Walls and Floors

When it comes to walls and floors, natural stone floors reign, as well, a material designed to look like stone providing the visual appeal without the need for sealing, is very popular. Marble, granite, subway tiles, and other artistic tiles are being used on backsplashes, flooring, shower, and entire walls.

Mirrors and Lighting

According to Gillette, mirrors and lighting can make a statement in the bathroom. He advises that when choosing mirrors, consider full wall mirrors. “They make a big impression and make the space seem larger and offer a way to reflect your style, whether you choose framed or unframed, modern or vintage.

Some mirrors offer features with Bluetooth connectivity and have touch controls to adjust lighting, play music, check the weather, time, news, and more. Adding LED lighting or natural light brightens the room considerably.”

Technology & Toilets

Modern-day bathrooms have technology options that range from the practical to the downright decadent: mirrors with a warming feature that prevents fogging to flat-screen TVs and built-in sound systems, push-button temperature controls for the shower, and LED-lit temperature readings for sink faucets to voice-activated components for lighting and temperature.

Another desired feature is a private toilet in the master bathroom. This can be en­closed with a door or partly enclosed by a wall.

One simple, affordable trend for toilets is the “night light” seats that emit a soft, blue glow from the hinges. Abbott likes the visual appeal of molded toilets that seem like one piece and the wall mount ones, which have the added advantage of allowing you to clean the floor underneath. Also popular are raised toilets for comfort and dual-flush options.

“After you remodel your bathroom, it is no longer just functional, but it becomes more efficient, modern, and enjoyable,” says Gillette. “Whether you plan to stay in your home or sell, updating a master bathroom is an excellent investment that will provide a generous return on investment.”